October 23-25, 2023

Demo Session

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A Demonstration of RASSAR: Room Accessibility and Safety Scanning in Augmented Reality
  • Xia Su, University of Washington
  • Kaiming Cheng, University of Washgington
  • Han Zhang, University of Washington
  • Jaewook Lee, University of Washington
  • Wyatt Olson, University of Washington
  • Jon E. Froehlich, University of Washington
A Toolkit of Approaches for Digital Mapping and Correction of Visual Distortion
  • Ye Ling, University of Surrey
  • David M Frohlich, University of Surrey
  • Tom H Williamson Professor, St Thomas Hospital
  • Jean-Yves Guillemaut, University of Surrey
BusStopCV: A Real-time AI Assistant for Labeling Bus Stop Accessibility Features in Streetscape Imagery
  • Chaitanyashareef Kulkarni, University of Washington
  • Chu Li, University of Washington
  • Jaye Ahn, University of Washington
  • Katrina Oi Yau Ma, University of Washington
  • Zhihan Zhang, University of Washington
  • Michael Saugstad, University of Washington
  • Kevin Wu, University of Washington
  • Valerie Novack, Utah State University
  • Brent Chamberlain, Utah State University
  • Jon E. Froehlich, University of Washington
Deploying VizLens: Characterizing User Needs, Preferences, and Challenges of Physical Interfaces Usage in the Wild
  • Andi Xu, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Mahdi Qazwini, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Chen Liang, University of Michigan
  • Anhong Guo, University of Michigan
Manipulation by Ocular Operations for Real-time Effect (MOORE): A Concise and User-Friendly Method for Eye-Based Interaction
  • Vincent Jiang, Hamilton High School
  • Hailiang Han, Vantronics (Hangzhou) Intelligent Technology Co. LTD
Sign Spotter: Design and Initial Evaluation of an Automatic Video-based American Sign Language Dictionary System
  • Matyas Bohacek, Stanford University
  • Saad Hassan, Tulane University
Supporting ASL Communication Between Hearing Parents and Deaf Children
  • Ekram Hossain, University of Rochester
  • Ashley Bao, Amherst College
  • Kaleb Slater Newman, Brown University
  • Madeleine Mann, University of Rochester
  • Hecong Wang, University of Rochester
  • Yifan Li, University of Rochester
  • Chigusa Kurumada, University of Rochester
  • Wyatte Hall, University of Rochester
  • Zhen Bai, University of Rochester
Testaro: Efficient Ensemble Testing for Web Accessibility
  • Jonathan Robert Pool, CVS Health

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