October 23-25, 2023

Poster Session 3

There is one travel award poster happening during this sessions. This will be presented by awardee Matyas Bohacek.

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AI-enabled Smart Glasses for People with Severe Vision Impairments
  • Bhanuka Gamage: Monash University
Creating ASL Resources to Increase Access and Representation of the Signing ASL Community and Advance ASL-centered Research
  • Shruti Mahajan: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Designing Accessible Co-Creative Tools with Blind and Low Vision Creators: University of Washington
  • Lotus Zhang: University of Washington
DIY Assistive Software: End-User Programming for Personalized Assistive Technology
  • Jaylin Herskovitz: University of Michigan
Human-Robot Haptic Communication and Accessible Assistive Technology
  • Katherine Allen: Tufts University
Language Technology at the Margins: Designing for Fluidity in d/DHH Communication Accessibility
  • Aashaka Desai: University of Washington
Mixed-Visual Ability Collaboration for Children in Computational Thinking
  • Filipa Rocha: Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Starting well on design for accessibility: analysis of W3C’s 167 accessibility evaluation tools for the design phase
  • Samine Hadadi: The University of Sydney
  • Zhanna Sarsenbayeva: University of Sydney
  • Judy Kay: University of Sydney
The Epidemiology of Web Accessibility: Improving internet health by identifying and tackling the root cause of web accessibility issues
  • Luís P. Carvalho: Northumbria University
Towards the Development of Guidance to Support Entrepreneurs with Visual Impairments
  • Mei-Lian Vader: UMBC